Game title Rating Size
Super Mario 64 4,3 6.0MB
Super Smash Bros. 4,4 12.0MB
Legend Of Zelda, The - Ocarina Of Time (V1.2) 4,7 25.4MB
007 - Golden Eye 4,3 10.3MB
Pokemon Stadium 2 4,3 46.8MB
Legend Of Zelda, The - Majora's Mask 4,8 26.3MB
Mario Party 3 4,1 24.4MB
Pokemon Stadium (V1.1) 4,2 26.5MB
Donkey Kong 64 4,4 26.4MB
Mortal Kombat 4 3,6 13.0MB
Paper Mario 4,6 21.7MB
Conker's Bad Fur Day 4,8 58.5MB
Super Mario 64 3,4 5.6MB
Yoshi's Story 4,2 9.2MB
Star Fox 64 (V1.1) 4,0 10.1MB
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (V1.2) 3,6 10.2MB
Banjo-Kazooie 4,8 15.5MB
Killer Instinct Gold (V1.2) 3,4 11.5MB
Star Wars - Shadows Of The Empire (V1.2) 4,1 11.3MB
Donkey Kong 64 4,0 26.4MB

Nintendo 64 ROMs and Emulators 

Oftentimes, avid connoisseurs of classic games look for dedicated platforms and websites that offer quality old-school games. And even though retro gaming is a highly popular trend, reliable abandonware resources distributing free classic games and legal emulators are hard to come by. Luckily for all fans of vintage consoles and retro games, our website has tons of best-selling and limited edition classic titles that can cater for the taste of the most sophisticated of retro gamers. 

You can find lots of Nintendo 64 games on our website. This means that you don’t need to own any physical cartridges to enjoy the best Nintendo classics. You should know that each and every N64 ROMs download you can find here was manually created by classic gaming enthusiasts and is perfectly compatible with any stable N64 emulator. 

Speaking of emulators… You’ll definitely need one as soon as you resolve to start your retro gaming journey. Emulators are essentially dedicated programs that mimic the features of the original Nintendo 64 video game console. There are not so many stable and reliable options available on the market. But those tools wherewith you can maximize your gaming experience can be downloaded from our platform, as well. 

Best Nintendo 64 Games

If you were a teenager back in 1996 or early 2000s, you remember those weird-looking Game Paks, the cartridges that contained N64 games. There were more than 390 releases of licensed 3D titles that captivated millions of gamers from different corners of the world. This figure wasn’t really impressive. In fact, your favorite N64 proved to have the smallest library of video games, compared to other Nintendo systems. But that didn’t really matter to loyal Nintendo fans. That small number of games weren’t just such pricey pieces of plastic. For so many people they were symbols of unrestrained fun, fascinating adventures, and genuine gaming. 

Today, very few can boast a collection of vintage cartridges. But this should keep you from playing favorite games! As we’ve noted earlier, you can download N64 emulator games in the form of ROMs and re-experience those breathtaking emotions again. And this time you don’t need to connect any cumbersome hardware to your TV. You can play the best titles on modern devices. 

But what titles can be considered the best? Probably, you already have some favorites and are determined to download some specific N64 emulator ROMs from our website. But those of you who need some guidance, may check the list below. 

Best Nintendo 64 Emulators

ROMs alone won’t be enough to start playing timeless classics. As we’ve already noted, you need a nice emulator that can help you get the most out of your retro gaming. You can check the list of the most reliable N64 emulation tools, as well as the platforms compatible with them, below.  


Among the reliable Windows emulators are Project 64, Mupen64plus, Megan64, and RetroArch. These tools are famed for their whole host of advanced features, gamepad support, and customizable options. You can use any of these emulators to run the majority of emulator games without considerable issues. 


Though it’s a rare user that prefers playing games on Linux machines, if you’re one of them, try RetroArch and Mupen64. For low-end machines, Megan64 may come in useful.  

Mac OS

Mac users will appreciate such emulators as OpenEmu. RetroArch also can be successfully installed on Mac computers. Still, you’ll need to tinker with settings to get the best gaming experience.  


To play N64 ROMs on the go, opt for ClassicBoy, Mupen64plus, and RetroArch. 

Platforms that Support N64 ROMs 

As you may see, emulator ROMs can be run using any emulator compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can also enjoy favorite video games on the go with Android emulators!  

Get the N64 ROM of your dream right now and dive into primordial gaming!