Game title Rating Size
Wario Land 4 4,6 3.7MB
Crash Nitro Kart 4,3 4.0MB
Metroid - Zero Mission 4,7 5.0MB
Kingdom Hearts - Chain Of Memories 4,8 15.9MB
Pokemon Rouge Feu 4,0 5.1MB
Final Fantasy 1 + 2 - Dawn Of Souls 4,3 10.1MB
Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance 3,6 11.0MB
Sonic Advance 4,2 2.6MB
Metroid Fusion 4,9 4.5MB
Fire Emblem - Sealed Sword (Translated) 4,8 5.6MB
Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Sacred Cards 4,6 9.5MB
Ultimate Spider-Man 4,3 7.7MB
Pokemon - Versione Smeraldo (Pokemon Rapers) 3,8 6.7MB
LEGO Star Wars II - The Original Trilogy 3,9 13.2MB
Dragonball Advanced Adventure 3,9 5.4MB
Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Eternal Duelist Soul 4,5 5.1MB
2 In 1 - Looney Tunes - Dizzy Driving Looney Tunes - Acme Antics 4,0 2.3MB
Golden Sun - The Lost Age 4,7 12.5MB
Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 4,2 6.6MB
Yu-Gi-Oh! - Ultimate Masters 2006 4,4 19.5MB

What are GBA (Gameboy Advance) ROMs? 

We all have favorites among vintage consoles and classic games released on them. Still, when it comes to picking the best of the best, most retro gamers point at the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. The games published for this legendary console were too good to ever fall into oblivion. A huge army of GBA fans keeps on playing those great titles that once made a splash in the video game industry. And the best news is that they need neither a physical GBC, nor cartridges to play on it. Today, a dedicated emulator and some great Game Boy Advance ROMs, the games to play with emulators, are everything you need to have to start your journey down memory lane. You can find tons of nice GBC ROMs on our website and download as many as you wish for your vintage game collection.    

About the Gameboy Advance 

Launched in 1998, the Game Boy Color sported color graphics and some operating capabilities over the original Game Boy. But in the time of fast-paced technological change, the then decade-old 8-bit Game Boy architecture was really beginning to show its age. Despite its huge success, Nintendo was looking to replace the GBC by 2001. The company wanted to remain relevant back in the early 2000s, when mobile devices were hot on the market, and convince people to carry around their digital hardware. To that end, they introduced a totally new device that eclipsed the level of entertainment that other products could offer. Thus, the Game Boy Advance was let into the ring.

Redesigned from the ground up, the GBA couldn’t be accused of handing on to past Game Boy tech, with its core architecture jumping several evolutionary steps ahead of the old handheld. The Advance had vastly more processing power than its predecessor. Even the Super Nintendo couldn’t match up to the power of the Advance.     

Cartridges for the GBA used the same slots as the original model, but were far shorter and thus more pocket-friendly (and easier to lose.) What’s more, Advance-specific cartridges fitted flush with the top of the handheld, whereas older model cartridges protruded out quite far. Cartridge storage ranged from 4 to 32 megabyte, a fair size, but far less than the more prevalent optical media of that time. 

Despite the size limitation, a number of video cartridges were released. Primarily aimed at children, the video quality had to be massively reduced in order to fit onto the tiny cartridges. Still, amazingly, some terrible-looking full-length movies were released in the format. 

Much like its predecessors before, the GBA was an immediate hit selling half a million units in the USA during the first week alone. 


Within the portable gaming market, there was virtually no competition. And as such, developers were eager to produce games for Nintendo’s new GBA system. So, at launch, there were a plethora of great titles available.  

Launch titles that captivated millions of video game fans back in the day include: 

You can find almost any GBA games in the form of a ROM file on our website and download it onto your device. Put your games into a GBC emulator and you’re all set to play your favorite classics!   

Platforms that Support GBA ROMs 

Quality GBA ROMs, like those you can download from our website, are perfectly compatible with any modern operating system. Our users successfully run our ROMs on their Windows, Mac, and Linux computers and enjoy their games on the go on Android and even iOS smartphones. You can do the same! Just make sure you have the right emulator for that. 

GBA Emulators for Windows 

If you’re looking for a reliable Windows emulator to enjoy newly downloaded Gameboy Advance games, you want to start with higan, VBA-M, or No$GBA. These tools are easy to install and lightweight.  

GBA Emulators for Linux  

Linux users also would be well advised to try higan, VBA-M, or No$GBA. Other viable options include mGBA and BoyCottAdvance. 

GBA Emulators for Android 

You can play the GBA ROMs Android downloaded from us using mGBA, MyBoy!, and GBA.emu. These tools are well-suited for mobile platforms and allow playing most commercial GBA games in enhanced quality without considerable glitches on Android devices.  

GBA Emulators for iOS

If you’re looking for an emulator that can provide high accuracy and emulation speed on Apple portable devices, opt for mGBA and GBA4iOS.


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